Visual Look of Samsung S5260 Star II

Samsung did not let costumers down when designing Samsung S5260 Star II.

According to the picture it is going to be easy on the eye with its elegant black or its catchy white color. So far it is announced to be in these two colors only. Its smooth squared shape follows the predecessor.

Display is TFT and mid-sized by category, but its 3 inches are more than enough wide for common user. Supporting 26 K /265K shades of color is a reminder what Samsung used to be famous for. 240×400 pixel capacitive display gives picture to enjoy in. Nothing has been left to a chance when it comes to visual in Samsung’s phones. Customers can rest assure that quality and visual impressions are never second best in Samsung phones. Your eyes are going to have plenty to see.

Camera is on the back of the device at the upper left corner. It is 3.2 MP camera for snap-shots, video playback & recording and with digital zoom. Smartphone can also record Video at 15 Frames per second. QVGA resolution videos can be recorded as well.

If in need of viewing images of large content, there is a rotating display which can easily switch images back and forth giving horizontal or vertical view. It is expected to be auto rotating, meaning it should switch the horizontal and vertical view (and vice versa) when you move the unit. In other words, completely user friendly surrounding when it comes to visual.

Pictures of 3,5 mm audio jack are not available yet, but nothing revolutionary is not being (and basically it cannot be) expected.